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"A Center for Intuitive and Mediumistic Unfoldment and Growth"

Teachers of the Inner Spiritual Center

When teaching comes from the heart, we connect, we encourage, we support and then we expect the student to surpass the teacher.

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Throughout the year, we will have classes taught by other mediums/ healers. Those classes and biographies of the teachers will appear on the Home page. Our goal is to provide only the highest quality teaching and experience for the students. We look forward to those joining us.

About Us

Founded by Bill Coller and Sharon Siubis, the I.S.C.'s mission is to provide intensive and in-depth training for the Intuitive and Mediumistic unfoldment and growth. Our goal is for each person to find and achieve their individual potential through classes, ongoing seminars, and cross training with Swiss/German Development groups. A combination of solid knowledge, integrity, dynamic teaching styles and years of experience allow the student an unprecedented foundation in their individual path of learning.

Teacher Profiles

Bill Coller

Rev. Bill Coller

Bill Coller has worked mediumistically for over 40 years. For many years, Bill worked as a Mechanical Engineer and a management consultant as he served various Spiritualist Churches throughout the UK and Europe as Speaker, Medium, and Healer. Bill was ordained as a Minister of Religion in the Spiritualist National Union and spent time in service as the Regional President of Scotland and Northern Ireland and as the Director of Trust Property, Publicity, and Public Relations of the SNU.  Bill now focuses all of his time traveling the world as one of the best and most consistent Mediums and teachers working today. Along with his private sittings, he continues to demonstrate and teach Mediumship throughout Europe, South Africa and the United States. His base in Zurich Switzerland is at the http://www.orgam.orgOrgam Center. His base in the United States is the Inner Spiritual Center in New Jersey as co-founder and co- director. He is currently on the teaching faculty of Fellowships of the Spirit, Lily Dale, NY.

Appointments for Readings are now available with Bill Coller!

Contact Sharon Siubis for appointment – or 973-575-4100
$120.00 45 minutes with tape recording.

Sharon Siubis

Rev. Sharon Siubis

Sharon Siubis has trained and worked as a Spiritualist Minister, Speaker, Medium, and Healer for over 15 years. Holding a degree in Education, Sharon uses her background and understanding of teaching technique in her classes, seminars and now in the ongoing Education program of Intuitive and Mediumistic Development through the Inner Spiritual Center which she is co-founder and co- director.
Along with her private readings/sittings, Sharon is an advocate of structure, quality and integrity in the teaching and learning of Mediumship so that each individual can achieve their own potential.
Currently working, teaching, and demonstrating in New Jersey, as well as different areas of the United States, Sharon is on the teaching faculty of Fellowships of the Spirit, Lily Dale NY and currently teaching in Switzerland!

Carole Boyce

Rev. Carole Boyce

Carole Boyce was trained over 10 years ago as a Spiritualist Medium, Healer, and Speaker. Carole’s natural ability to connect with people is seen in her ministry, her teaching style as well as in her private readings/sittings. In working through the Inner Spiritual Center, Carole will continue to teach and demonstrate her Mediumship to the highest standards.

Richard Scholler

Rev. Richard P. Schoeller NST

Reverend Richard P. Schoeller, NST is a member of Summerland Church of Light, NSAC in Hauppauge, New York. Reverend Schoeller has been studying the Science, Philosophy and Religion of Spiritualism since 1997 and holds the credentials of Certified Medium, Commissioned Spiritualist Healer, National Spiritualist Teacher, NSAC Missionary, former Trustee on the NSAC Board and recipient of the NSAC Teacher’s Award for 2012.

Aside from being a member of the Lily Dale Assembly and the International Spiritualist Federation, Richard has taught classes and demonstrated mediumship in Switzerland, England and Germany as well as served a number of Spiritualist churches in New York, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Michigan, California, Virginia, Nevada, Wisconsin and Florida.