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Automatic & Spirit Inspired Writing

October 4 @ 7:00 pm 9:30 pm

Karen Frances McCarthy
Karen Frances McCarthy MA, CSNU

In this fun and transformative 3-week program, led by best selling author Karen Frances McCarthy CSNU, she will blend spiritual practice with writing to help you become aware of those greater depths within you and bring forth words of inspiration that may enhance your healing and spiritual growth. These classes will gradually work towards deeper levels of attunement to experiment with writing from trance state as well as working with the physical mediumship practice of automatic writing. This course will help you to understand those inner places, to have a greater understanding of your hidden motivations, desires, and places which need healing. You will deepen your awareness of self and the world around you as inner resources are freed for expression and growth. Many people have been astonished with the originality and beauty of the work they have produced during this course. 

3 part course, no additional fee for classes 2 and 3
u003cstrongu003eOver the course of these 3 weeks, you will have an opportunity to:u003c/strongu003e
  • work with guided meditation and creative exercises, including Haiku poetry, to challenge your analytic mind and to express your ideas more creatively from your spirit or intuition
  • work with spiritual travelling and guided visualizations to tap into your dreams and psychic awareness
  • work with story-catching and mindfulness to bring a greater sense of connectedness and harmony to your life
  • learn the art of Joriki, a Zen term for illuminating the light within and blending with the light of the source or spirit outside of you
  • work as a group to build power and attunement to experiment and allow inspirers from the Spirit World to move your pen directly through automatic writing
Tutor Karen Frances McCarthy u003cmeta charset=u0022utf-8u0022u003eMA, CSNU

 Karen Frances McCarthy MA, CSNU is a medium, author, former media journalist, and teacher/practitioner at the Edgar Cayce center in NY, The Spiritualist National Union in the UK and many centers throughout the US and Ireland. An advocate of the ethical practice and healing potential of mediumship, she underwent years of intensive training at the Arthur Findlay College in England. As a speaker and educator, Karen strives to help people awaken to their essential nature and as a medium brings connections with the spirit world of healing and support. As a teacher, she strives to imbue students with inspiration from the spirit world so they may serve as a light for others.

333A Rt 46 West suite 255
Fairfield, NJ 07004
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