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My connection to the spiritual world has grown and my understanding has deepened thanks to the classes I’ve attended at The Inner Spiritual Center. Thank you Sharon, Bill and Richard for your patience with me and for sharing your knowledge with all of us who seek it. I encourage you all to seek it!

I have been fortunate to have taken classes at the Inner Spiritual Center.  What I love about their classes is the thought and planning that goes into them and the superb qualifications of the instructors.  The classes are created to give the students reliable, practical and systematic methods with which to aid them in developing their skills.  These are methods that have been developed over their years of dedicated teaching.  They provide the backbone on which to build your own skills, develop your own style.  I keep coming back because their method works!

I have been working with Mental Mediumship for a number of years. I wanted to work with the spirit world on a different level. I saw where the  Inner Spiritual Center was offering a Class on Trance to Physical. I am taking the class which is very structured and informative with an excellent teacher Richard Schoeller.


I highly endorse Inner Spiritual Center and its teachers as being of the highest quality for the Study of Mediumship. When I began I had no knowledge or skill set for Mediumship. Having gone through the 2 Year Mediumship Program, I can honestly say that I have had the best teachers, who always encouraged me. I now do Demonstrations of Mediumship on a regular basis, and I am also considering continuing my development by taking the 2nd year course again. I can’t speak highly enough about the teachers at Inner Spiritual Center.


ISC is like an oasis where they accepted me as a family and taught me how to improve my Mediumship. 

As always, I am grateful for  the sensitivity of the teachers and their knowledge of what each student needs to improve their work.


I wasn’t looking for a home, but somehow I found one at the Inner Spiritual Center. The Center has a warm, loving supportive environment that welcomes all who arrive with open arms. I’ve never been a hugger, yet I find myself hugging everyone at the ISC. I wished I lived closer so I could attend every event they offered, but unfortunately it’s a long way from Virginia. I have attended several of the classes with Bill and Sharon and loved every minute of them.  Bill and Sharon are excellent teachers and have shown me abilities I never knew I had. The church services at Sunday feel more natural and comfortable than any of the conventional church services I attended throughout my life. The Inner Spiritual Center has truly been a life changing experience and I shall be forever grateful.


This was very true in my case. As a practitioner of Astrology and other metaphysical modalities for many years, I was always intrigued with Medium-ship.  While attending a demonstration by the Reverends Sharon Siubis, Bill Coller, and Richard Schoeller in October 2014. I learned about the existence of the Inner Spiritual Center’s 2 Year Medium Training Program.  Who knew?  How wonderful!!  

Recognizing the opportunity the Universe was presenting to me, I signed up for the two year program and in this first year I received a very good foundational training.

  Furthermore, because I have attended this program, my psychic and intuitive skills have been honed and refined. I am confident that the second year of medium training will to continue to help me improve and flourish as an evidential communicator with those who have passed into spirit.


“I highly recommend this program! Just to have the opportunity to learn from these world class mediums is reason enough but the fact that they have created a fun, nurturing and non-competitive environment makes it even better.

I’ve learned so many new skills and been exposed to so many new things that have really brought my practice to a new level.


“This 2 year program is very true to their word. It’s not only a class, it’s a support system. The teaching technique has an open feeling to it. Lots of discussion and LOTS of working exercises. In the first year they introduce you to all types of mediumship. I highly recommend this program to advanced as well as beginners. It’s always good to learn from different teachers, you can then pick and choose and develop your very own style of mediumship. Bill, Sharon and Richard teach you to be confident in your mediumship. They are there for you every step of the way! Great course, I highly recommend it”


“Having traveled and trained extensively with various mediumship programs, I have finally found an extremely structured and thorough program which has focused my mediumship skills to the highest technical “evidential standards” necessary for my Ministry.”

Rev. Kevin Lee